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Kenosha dental office

Where can I find a dental office in Kenosha?

Do you know how important it is to maintain regularly scheduled appointments for a comprehensive exam and teeth cleaning to complement your good at-home dental hygiene regimen? Did you know that cavities and gum disease are the two most prevalent dental problems? Did you know that both can be nearly entirely avoided? Yes, that is true!

Kenosha dental office

However, neglecting basic hygiene and checkup appointments with your Kenosha dental office can create an oral environment ridden with plaque, which causes tooth decay, and gum disease. Drs. Terrence and Michael Frantal, of Frantal Dental Care,  encourage healthy dental habits for our patients by encouraging them to visit our office for bi-annual dental appointments. Keeping those appointments, as recommended by the American Dental Association, will reinforce the good, at-home dental hygiene routines of brushing and flossing they will help you and your children to establish and carry out properly. That combination will assure good oral health for the youngest to the adults of all ages in your family. Make the Kenosha dental office of Frantal Dental Care your first choice when it comes to your oral health!

Our preventive program, which uses the most advanced techniques and technologies in modern dentistry, includes a comprehensive smile examination, diagnostic films as needed, an oral cancer screening and checking your jaw for any TMJ problem. During your exam, we will review all the best tips you can use to make the most out of your homecare hygiene regimen,  and the professional teeth cleaning we provide will polish off your pearly whites by thoroughly removing harmful dental plaque in areas that your brush could not reach. Our pediatric patients will receive the added bonus of enamel-strengthening fluoride treatments and protective dental sealants.

At Frantal Dental Care, we always encourage our patients to come in for those oh-so-important dental checkups. Please call our Kenosha dental office to schedule your family’s appointments today!

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